Visiting the Toy Street in Hong Kong

Going to Mongkok and Temple Street night markets are staples in first time HK tourists’ itinerary. And some would tag their kids along which may not be a really fun experience for them. You go there in the evening and kids could be already tired from all the walking. Plus most of the items being sold may not spark some interest (unless you just go directly to the toy stalls). And even if you wanted to go around, walk from end to end, you have to cut it short already once they want to have a rest (or perhaps a meltdown, yikes!)

But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you want to treat your kids and let them also experience Hong Kong street market shopping, an option is to visit Sham Shui Po (SSP).

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Staycation at Gold Coast Hotel

Back in June,  my hubby suggested we should travel out of the country even for a weekend. It’s because of work stress and he needed to recharge. Unfortunately, going out of the country in such a short time would be impractical and not worth it.

So we thought of opting for a staycation instead, in Gold Coast. No, not Gold Coast Australia (I wish!). Gold Coast, Hong Kong. Lol.  Spending a night in Gold Coast Hotel was the original plan we had for Phoenix’s birthday last May. But because of schedule and budget constraints, we didn’t push through. So this time, I told him maybe we ought to schedule the weekend before my birthday (July 30). And besides it’s will also be our 9th anniversary as a couple and Phoenix will turn 26 months few days before. It will be a triple celebration. Continue reading

Brunch Club and Supper

Last Friday, I had to look for a place where we can meet up with our friend, Olay (who’s in HK for work-related matters) on a Saturday morning. I initially suggested we meet here in Kennedy Town for brunch. But because they have to check out by noon time of Saturday (they’re staying at Causeway Bay) , I had to look for a dining place within CWB or Wanchai.

Most of the establishments open at around 11 AM to 12 noon. After doing quick research, I found two in CWB that opens early. The deciding factor would be its child friendliness. Seriously, I don’t mind eating in McDo, because they have a high chair. Yes, I require high chair haha It’s hard to eat when Phoenix isn’t contained in one.

So finally I chose Brunch Club and Supper since there are a lot of good reviews, they have a promising menu and of course they have a high chair! woot! Continue reading

Our (Missed) Flight Misadventure

This entry is about my first time missing a flight.

December 22 at around 1AM, I was looking at my son sleeping soundly beside me. He let out a mild snore which was probably an indication he’s so exhausted. I felt bad for him and guilty at the same time. We just arrived from the airport, as we left there at around 11 to 12midnight….Okay, let me be clear on that. We arrived in our HK flat from HK International Airport.

Yes, HKIA and not NAIA.

It’s because we missed our December 21 1:20PM flight bound for Manila. Very unlikely for me, who’s always early at the airport, and Rene, who’s very knowledgable with flight/airline schedules and their system. Continue reading

Best Kiddie Toothbrush (So Far)

One of the things I told myself as a first time mom is that I’ll take good care of my son’s teeth.  I don’t want him to end up like me when I was a kid lol Puro gilagid na lang naiwan haha

I can’t remember if I was friends with the toothbrush or it was something I despised just like any other kid. Or maybe it wasn’t uso during our time (okay that sounded I’m too old haha). Maybe I was also fond of sweets that added to the loss of my pearly whites.  Continue reading

Things that Scare Phoenix

This was supposed to be posted last Halloween but oh well, mommy duties comes first. Pahabol na lang haha

Phoenix is slowly developing irrational fears for certain things which would unlikely scare a kid. During his infancy (before he turned one) , I could only recall one thing that frightened him. But after he turned one, he’s scared of more stuff.

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